Stained Glassworks, Inc.


Jane Crawford is an experienced craftswoman who has worked in the art of stained glass for more than 30 years. After apprenticing under a local expert for several seasons, she launched her own company and has been serving the South with her craftsmanship ever since. Her works have included custom orders, heirloom repairs, church windows, and - of course - stained glass names, birds, and flowers. Jane’s work and ideas have appeared in publications such as Southern Living, Southern Lady, and Clarion Ledger and she has participated in local events such as Art Walk in Columbus, MS and Pink Palace Arts and Crafts Fair in Memphis, TN.


The Idea

“The fundamental ideology behind my art is really a question: “What can we do to bring out the beauty in glass?” To me, it’s all about the colors. Stained glass (art glass) is amazing in the fact that the colors never fade and every finished product is essentially one-of-a-kind.”


“Because I have a hand in making everything that leaves my studio, I believe that it must be the best product possible. Don’t look for perfection (that would be machine made and mass produced), look for really well-made pieces that bring a certain sense of grace to the home or work environment.”

100% Handmade

“The glass we use is manufactured by American glass makers. Upon arriving at our studio we manage everything by hand: whether we fuse it with heat or carefully cut and shape before proceeding towards a final, unique product.”