Stained Glassworks, Inc.




It isn’t easy being a stained glass artist, but it is rewarding. The process of creating pieces from glass is one that requires a good eye, technical skills, patience, and a high standard of excellence (as well as mathematical calculations, design, and metal working, just to mention a few more). And, while we would love to have every piece that goes into the kiln also go into the market, we often pull pieces that simply, and literally, “couldn’t take the heat” of our craftsmanship process.

In our studio, a small cardboard box slowly collects a flock of birds with indistinct beaks and other deformities, warped-petal (and unfortunately, too-fragile-to-sell) flowers collect to form an interesting albeit unusable garden, and name plaques have been known to be re-done because a scratch on the glass was discovered prior to shipping point. Each pull from our market contribution is actually a testament to the high quality we seek to deliver! When you purchase from us, you can rest assured you are getting the best product we could offer you at the time of purchase, using the best materials, tools, skills, and experience available to us.

Finally, not only do we serve you to our utmost, we also try to make it a rule to be responsible and supportive of American economy by recycling left-over glass (usually distributing it to other local artists who can use it in their pursuits) and ordering our glass from companies that produce right here in the great U. S. A. Meanwhile, we upkeep traditional techniques, produce modern styles, and uphold a unique trade that adds both beauty and function to the world around us.